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In less than two years on the council it has been my distinct honor to assist constituents with the following measures. All of the work shown below has been a direct result of a constituent reaching out to me or a recommendation I’ve brought forward based on my relationships and experiences.


  • Improving signage and safety on roadways

  • Added signage for safety regarding cyclists on Highlands Blvd

  • Added red curb for safety reasons along Highland Village to deter parking on the street

  • Added crosswalk for Rough Hollow Elementary School walkers

  • Added multiple signage in Rough Hollow residential areas and on Bee Creek Rd based on constituent feedback

  • Fought to protect the private property rights of Lakeway Airpark residents and to protect public access while raising awareness of the benefits and joys of aviation.

  • As an Advisory Board member of the Texas Law Enforcement Peer Network, I connected our Chief of Police with the Executive Director making Lakeway a Regional Director (state-funded position) and leader in the realm of peer-to-peer mental health support for law enforcement.

  • Amended ordinance to make neighborhood garage sales legal 

  • Strong advocate for license plate readers which have been successfully adopted and are now in the implementation phase

  • Advocated for groups in the community as it pertains to their access to the Lakeway Activity Center

  • Amended the Ordinance on golf carts to bring our residents into compliance allowing them to legally travel to neighborhood pools, travel on carts during Halloween, etc, and generally operate a golf cart and/or Polaris on certain roadways which was previously prohibited.

  • Amended City’s ethics ordinance bringing it closer to Texas State law

  • Codified and clarified when one can operate certain types of businesses out of their home, placing importance on the residents around them and the impact on traffic, etc.

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