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Preserving Lakeway's Beauty

Balancing the growth and economic boom Lakeway is experiencing is a top priority. Jennifer promises to engage all involved and keep the safety and well-being of our citizens in mind when making decisions about roads and economic development.

We must also preserve the uniqueness and the many gems of our community! We must be diligent, transparent, and deliberate in how we continue to grow our city.

Public Safety

Public safety is near and dear to Jennifer’s heart. She is an avid believer in investing in those who take care of us and stand between good and evil. She aims to be the voice for our first responders and to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in policy making. Lakeway has historically been a safe city and we must continue to provide the tools our officers need for it to remain a clean and safe environment.

Supporting Small Business

Jennifer is a big supporter of Lakeway business, in particular, small businesses. The Lakeway community is blessed with many locally owned businesses and it's her goal to ensure that our city continues to attract entrepreneurship. We must eliminate any unnecessary hurdles or bureaucracy that would hamper small business owners. 

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